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1. Hacker News

I habitually go to hacker news a few times a day, the people are intelligent and the discussion is the right mixture of coding, entrepreneurial and geek. It is also the first site I’ve consistently commented on, the karma feedback from writing an insightful comment is quite effective.

2. Startup Lessons Learned

I work as the head of development at a startup and I refer to this site regularly. The author, Eric Ries, has an excellent writing style that combines the best of narrative and technical writing to highlight the lessons he draws from his experiences in the trenches.

3. Joel on Software

I want to work with this guy, but I am afraid that the only way I will ever get job satisfaction again will be to run my own company, which probably isn’t a bad thing. His articles inform and inspire developers the world over to question how and what they do and generally do an all round better job.

4. Scott Berkun

Scott Berkun’s book Making Things Happen has been my bible in the project managerial baptism of fire I experienced. His website has a varied focus but I always seem to find it applicable to my situation, weather it is dealing with deadlines, people or public speaking.