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I’ve been catching up on some podcasts while catching up on tasks around the home this past week. One of them is Software Engineering Radio, which unsurprisingly is about software engineering. The podcast invites on a lot of well known guests to talk about their experinces and their opinions.

Follows are some recent ones I have particularly enjoyed.

James Lewis on Microservices

If you have been closely following Martin Fowler and James Lewis’ microservice commentary, this won’t have anything that you haven’t heard before. But if you’re just discovering microservices this is an excellent summary of the architural style.

Gang of Four – 20 Years Later

The surviving authors of the seminal Design Patterns discuss their book, and its relevance today. They share their favourite patterns and their least favourites. I’ll give you one guess which pattern they regret. Probably my favourite interview on se-radio to date.

James Turnbull on Docker

An excellent introduction to its history and why you should care about this paradigm shifting technology. Another interview that probably won’t provide you any insights if you have been following the subject closely.

Josiah Carlson on Redis

Being a long time memcached user I’d never bothered getting deep into Redis. But after listening to this interview I am resolved to get more familiar with it. The interview goes through Redis’ features and design, advantages and drawbacks.

Stefan Tilkov on Architecture and Micro Services

A comparitively less bullish interview on microservices than the James Lewis interview. That isn’t to say that Stefan doesn’t think that the pattern isn’t a good idea, but he does come across a little more cautious than James. Stefan is also somewhat less prescriptive with his definition than James and Martin.